Many industries are becoming heavily regulated and subject to governmental oversight through licensing, inspections, investigations, and reporting mandates.  Compliance with licensing requirements and appropriate responses to inspections, investigations, and reporting requirements are critical to maintaining individuals’ and businesses’ ability to work and conduct business in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Licenses, registrations, permits, and procedures vary by jurisdiction and industry.  Knowing where to file, what to file, and how to interact with agencies exercising oversight can take a significant amount of time and effort.  Licensed individuals and businesses can spend hours researching the business licensing requirements, calling federal, state, and county offices, and still have questions.

Shannon Law provides helpful research and informative guidance, making clients aware of the licenses, regulations, forms, and procedures applicable to the industry and geographic location.  In addition, clients receive valuable counsel and practical advice regarding pertinent issues, implementation measures, and methods to avoid negative ramifications.  Shannon Law also provides licensing and compliance audits and assists with completing applications and filing requirements.

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