Legal v. Illegal Compliance PhotoThere is a wealth of legal information on the internet through attorney and government websites.

If you have employment law questions, you can find information regarding harassment, discrimination, disability accommodations, and retaliation at the following agency websites:

If you have employment law questions on other topics not addressed by those agencies, such as family and medical leave, whistleblower, wage and hour, break time, deductions, or other legal matters, you can find helpful information with the following agencies:

If you have questions regarding collective bargaining or union rights in the private sector, you may be able to find more information through the National Labor Relations Board.

If you are planning for an appeal or contested case hearing before the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings, you can find information about contested case proceedings on the OAH website.

If you are seeking information or forms for your business, the following agencies can offer some guidance:

If you are looking for resources regarding nonprofits, you can connect with the following agencies or organizations to learn more:

This is by no means an exhaustive list of legal resources available on the internet, but they are some of the most common resources Shannon Law clients access. This list is not intended to constitute legal advice or substitute for legal counsel.

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